and so she ran.


There are many joys in life, but lazy Sundays will always be at the top of my list. Mornings when the kitchen is gently touched with the scent of cooking crepes and the sweetness of fresh strawberry jam. Mornings where I find happiness sitting in the backyard with my coffee while listening to the children play. We ate breakfast outside, under a canopy of trees and covered in shade. Afterwards we laid in the grass telling stories of our dreams. We glanced up to the cloud filled sky and searched for animals and creatures to add to our stories.

Sundays in our house are also for family and good food. This past sunday we celebrated my aunt's 84th birthday over at my parent's house. While my dad prepared the food the children played. Their yard is filled with nooks and crannies where little ones can get lost and wonder away into their imagination. The boys took their imagination and ran wild. Jessica, on the other hand, remained reserved and cautious. She slowly explored the flower beds and the rolling hill that led to the edge of the woods.

At the end of the night, as the boys made their final lap around the house, she tossed her reservations aside and watched them fade into the distance. She glanced backwards, as if to get my approval, and as she turned she ran. Her feet carried her across the green grass and her laughter could be heard from inside. And so she ran on this lazy Sunday.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend and that your sunday was just as lazy!


  1. yay for lazy sundays! those are the best! and these images are beyond adorable!!!
    xo TJ

  2. oh my goodness. i completely adore this set of photos. my mind has slowly been wandering in the direction of wanting another baby... and this post is only making me want one more.

    so, so good.

    and your words (the picture they paint) are just as special ♥

    1. <3 <3
      wanting another baby is a good direction! haha. we just decided that we are done. we talked about another but three is good for us ;)

  3. Beautiful I love how your words described your day as though seen through the eyes of your children. I just adore little Jess :-)

  4. oh my goodness, these kids are going to be so happy when they are 30 and have these photos to look back on. What lovely images of your family!

    1. what a great outlook on life! i hope they enjoy these moments and images as much as i do ;)


  5. you capture your family moments so beautifully!

  6. Replies
    1. aw, thanks krystal. still don't really know what i'm doing...but one day i'll maybe figure it out ;)

  7. ooooh she looks extra gorgeous in these shots.. a curly haired lil' gypsy dress beauty. Love the 'macro' focus of these shots, always clever at shooting your kids, you are. ;o)
    needle and nest

    1. i know! the curls are just starting to come out!! i think she looks so much more like josh now.

  8. Wow, love the photos! Soooo cute and adorable!


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