i walk away.

Summer is meant to be filled with laughter, bright colors and melting popsicles. Chasing ice cream trucks barefoot down warm roads. Reading late into the night to the sounds of crickets and the buzz of cars. Skin that has been kissed but a hot sun and hair that has a sweet salty smell. Summer is meant to be spent dancing in the grass. Catching fireflies and watching them fly home. Camping out in a backyard that is dusted with midnight stars. On this summer day, I walk away to enjoy these activities with my children and family. I'll be back in a week or so, and may even post once or twice. But most likely I'll be dancing to music on the grass and running like a child after those fireflies.

Enjoy the next days of summer!


  1. enjoy your time! Love following you on IG!

  2. have a wonderful time enjoying these days that fly by so quickly. soak 'em up and make memories that last a lifetime.

  3. yes! enjoy those days - they go by so, so quickly.

    that second picture is so rad. i just love it!


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