25 July 2012

star wars birthday party.

We awoke to gray skies and lingering clouds. While we hoped and prayed that the sun would come our way, morning slowly unfolded into a blanket of storms. But I had a feeling. After seeing Jonas' reaction, we decided to not postpone the party and continue on our way. As I piled everyone in the car we headed to the bakery driving between raindrops and darkness. And as I ran with a cake and a boxed lunch in my hands, dressed head to toe in white, the rain turned from steady to downpour. Sopping wet with dripping hair I still had a feeling. Even when my curry sandwich spilled on my white linen pants leaving behind traces of yellow for all to see (that's what I get for eating while driving), I still had that feeling. When we arrived to the pool I once again ran between raindrops, hands full of balloons dancing in a furious wind, small packages and decorations fumbling between my fingers. Jonas asked, "Is the pool closed mommy" and I responded "not today baby, not today." I was determined. I would not let my little one down. My emergency stop to the party stored filled our day with new activities. Water balloons, foam rockets, games and a pinata. The pool was empty, but the party would go on.

Once the tables were set and the decorations were hung the guests began to arrive. We said our hellos and quickly forgot about the weather. As I glanced to find Jonas I noticed all the children, running and laughing, under the canopy of summer rain. And before we knew it the sun came out to say hello.

All day I had a feeling. I knew, I just knew, in the bottom of my heart that everything would turn our way. It's not the weather, the games or the swimming that made this birthday party. It's certainly not the gifts or the food. This birthday was meant to be special. It was meant to be shared with friends and family. We are the key to creating the positive outlook. Even though I cried and cussed as I stood outside the car, it's the big smile that I put on as I faced the children. And you know what, as I smiled I thought, who cares if the weather is dreary. It doesn't mean we can't celebrate.

I'm sure you knew it would be a Star Wars party! Here are a few details about the event. I found my inspiration from pinterest and here, I purchased the lime green striped straws and cups here, the Darth Vader pinata came from a local party store and the delicious cake was from Hazel Artisan Bakery. I used paper lanterns to decorate the tables (which I didn't take pictures of) and had Clone Trooper masks at each setting. I made and printed out the signs myself.

We ended our night in the company of dear friends and a setting sun. It was a good day. A day that I hope Jonas will always remember.


  1. This is so sweet, and I just love everything about this party. Can you come plan my birthday party next year? :)

  2. Pure happiness in these photos :) such a cute party!

  3. Perfect! My son is also going to love it. He will turn 4 this year and I have booked a very pretty event space San Francisco for the birthday celebration. I just don’t know from where to get a designer cake like this for his birthday. I can try but I haven’t baked a cake ever in my life.


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