21 July 2012

weekend arrives.

liz and jess
the weekend seems to arrive sooner and sooner as summer rolls away her days. time slips between my fingers and i am never able to fully grasp it's weight. summer, please slow down. take a few steps back. pause for a moment. i need to enjoy your freedom and warmth.

i hope you can capture some of summer over your weekend. perhaps a late night stroll to the sound of crickets, freshly squeezed lemonade poured into an old mason jar, catching fireflies like childen on a hot steamy night or enjoying a glass of wine under a canvas of stars. we will be embracing the farmer's market, making gazpacho for a hot day, rolling out dough for a homemade pie, getting my hands dirty and working in the garden, taking walks to visit some friends and playing in the front yard with hopes that the sound of the icecream truck will travel down our street.

i also thought i would share a few links today. these are some lovely places to visit with amazing photographs and inspirational words:
The Yard
That's Just it
Oh, Pioneer!
Foxtail + Fern
Luisa Brimble

and these are some lovely blogs that i read. some are women i consider friends, some i hope to become friends with and others i just read and have yet to reach out:
those who love
the fairest
oh dear drea
Adventures in Babywearing
katie's pencil box
Honey & Jam
Making Nice in the Midwest
Pia Jane Bijkerk
Forest Bound
Indian Summer

I also have plenty more lovely blogs to share. And, if you're in the area stop by Gervasi Vineyard tomorrow and say hello! I will be setting up Yellow Finch Designs Jewelry for the Fine Art and Craft show from noon to 6:00pm. I'm excited to share my new pieces and one of these days I'll get the time to actually list everything on etsy.


  1. <3! can't wait for your family's delray vacation! (do it, do it!)

  2. How great! I actually found some new great blogs! Thanks mama!


  3. Thank you so much for this- I saw it the other night and didn't have a chance to comment then, and I was waiting for a good time to take a break and click all these wonderful links. Thank you!


  4. oh my gooness, so nice to be included :)

    hope i'm one of those you consider yourself friends with ;)

    you're purely awesome, you know that?


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