07 August 2012

running in restaurants.

It's not often that I talk about our restaurant. I have to admit, when I first married Jon I thought the restaurant industry was the perfect lifestyle. Good food, fine wine and spirits, plenty of socializing and late nights. Over the years my point of view has taken a turn. When Jonas was born I still headed down on the weekends with a baby carrier on my arm. I would nurse him in the office before we ate dinner around nine and then he would sleep away until we got home for another feeding. When Joshua came around Jonas was barely two and those nights at the restaurant no longer existed. We now lived a life of schedules and routines. Now that I have three children I have finally wised up and rely heavily on my awesome babysitter to help me out when I want to dine with Jon or, on occasion, help work. But most nights, I take the kids with me to enjoy a special dinner. And if we don't go down we stay home for a healthy home cooked meal. I fall into the night with my routines and schedules and once all the children are down, I try my hardest to stay awake until Jon gets home.

Saturday afternoons have easily become a favorite time of mine. Stopping at our local coffee shop to pick up lattes then off to the restaurant we go. While Jon works we play. We explore the vast historical building, always searching for new corners and mysterious rooms. Pondering over who ate here, what was it like in the early 1900's and searching through photographs that are the foundation of our story. We run down the halls and listen to our echos dance over the original tin ceilings. Our feet pitter patter across the mosaic tile of the bar and our eyes wonder to the hints of light that stream in through the stained glass window. It is moments like this that I cherish. No longer the late nights filled with wine tastings and dancing, but the quite moments with my family. These moments are building our future.

Bender's now has a new website! You can check it out here.


  1. Oh gosh, her outfit is perfect :)

  2. The new website looks great! It sounds like you have found a way to make being a restaurant family work for you guys. Do the boys express any interest in wanting to work in the restaurant yet?

  3. this is my favorite of your posts yet! your restaurant is definitely on my list now- and you know me, i plan trips around restaurants. :)

  4. Okay, I am dying over that second-to-last photo! And I'm just loving the restauranteur insight. Off to check out the new website!

  5. oooh this is soo great to see the place! love all those ruffles on lil' J too!!


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