10 August 2012

sweet treats.

ice cream4 copy
ice cream6
ice cream3
ice cream5
ice cream
ice cream2
Sometimes, you just need to give in. Sometimes, you need to be the mom who says yes. This summer has been filled with too many sweet treats, late nights, and swim parties. There have been many times when I should have said no, but instead I said yes. And you know what, I'm okay with that. School starts in two weeks, which means we'll be running a pretty tight ship around our home. Those early mornings for Jonas and Joshua (now at the same school) will require early bedtimes. I have a feeling our afternoons will be filled with homework, music lessons, soccer practice, ballet and swimming. So for now, I'm okay staying up late and sleeping in. I'm okay to saying yes to ice cream every other day. We have two weeks left, and trust me friends, we will embrace them.

Happy weekend to you! Any big plans coming your way? My goal is to have Jonas' room finished and painted by Sunday morning. And you know what, I realize I haven't even shared any of our home projects with you. Don't worry, I have plenty of before and afters coming soon ;)


  1. Love that! Always fun to enjoy these last summer days. On that note, I think I'll go have some ice cream too

  2. I will NEVER say no to ice cream!
    Lovely, lovely photos....

  3. Love this :) My mother was always on the "no" side when it came to sweet treats and a "yes" can feel so conspiratorial and awesome :) Enjoy!

  4. does her ice cream have eyes?! !!!

    every other day treats = sorta how i roll as an adult. :)

  5. You can't say no all the time, or else Summer wouldn't be so special! :) I have really fond memories of going out for ice cream, especially when they had eyes.

  6. Love this! And summer is all about the sweet treats and being able to stay up late :-)
    your such a good mom


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