27 September 2012

dancing with rain.

ballet 4
ballet 3
Today I woke to the sound of rain gently tapping against my window. A subtle knock upon my door, as if it were a returning friend. It has rained all week.

The boys were in school on this rainy cold morning. A morning where buses rush through puddles splashing cars as they pass. Where children's boots stomp down hallways and the bottom of pants are painted in a trim of wet rain.

We had music class today. Jessica's favorite activity of the week. Her time to dance and sing, whirl and twirl. Then we headed to ballet, skipping between raindrops as we hustled into the brick building. It was a special treat. A friend invited us to attend. Perhaps we will join the class next week.

When I was a child I loved the ballet. I did not dance for long, my body preferred the tumbling of gymnastics, but I loved ballet.


  1. This post brought a smile to my face. :) Thanks, friend.

  2. It's raining outside now, tapping at the windows and dripping off the leaves. Perfect atmosphere to read this post!


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