13 September 2012


light 3
light 2
While I wish I could say I was feeling light these days, the truth is I'm feeling heavy and weighed down. Our deadline that I set here is slowly approaching, and I believe I saw some light at the end of the tunnel last night. The basement is coming together, my workspace is almost set up, the closets have been cleaned and we can actually park our cars in the garage. It has been five months since we moved and I am feeling this space become a home. Our home. And soon, very soon, I'll share this home with you ;)

Thank you for the feedback and comments on my thoughts with the photos. Also, I want to apologize for neglecting your comments, emails, and your blogs! I'm so focused on this deadline that I don't have much time for the internet these days.

Soon, I will catch up.
For those instagramers you can find my "shop our closet" here @shopyellowfinch


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