09 November 2012

dear weekend...


I welcome the weekend with open arms. I am ready to finally spend some much needed time around my home. Picking up toys, scrubbing my floors, matching socks that have found their way to a mountainous pile.

I am ready to get my hands dirty with flours and salts, to roll out dough, to make something homemade. I am ready to lay on the couch with my little ones. Watch a movie, something they have wanted all week. No movies on weekdays in our home. These weekends are special.

Tonight I get to spend some time with my sister, another special treat. Another night out. I feel like I have had too many this week. Some work, some play. I always feel guilty leaving the kids, but they never seem to mind.

I promise I won't do much on Sunday, that's what I keep telling myself. Maybe one load of laundry, just one, and a quiet run all to myself. That sounds like enough. I think I'll fill the rest of my day with games and tag and legos.

What are your weekend plans? Are they big or are they small? Home or away? Whatever they may be enjoy your weekend.

I captured this picture of Jess earlier in the week. Her eyes, her look, the wisp of hair gently touching her face. This little girl is so special and dear to my heart.


  1. OMG, that photo is amazing! It could be in a magazine!

  2. How does it feel when you look at Jess and see yourself? Overwhelming? Just gorgeous.

  3. So how I feel about weekends too! Grateful for the special time! Such a pretty picture too.

  4. She really does look so much like you. Beautiful little girl! Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend.


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