25 November 2012

thanksgiving day.

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The shine was shining all day and I started off my morning with a 5k Turkey Trot race. A race that I was happy with my results, considering I hardly get in runs these days. I brought that sunshine into our home for a morning and afternoon of baking and cooking, storytelling with the kids and playing. Jon played his traditional game of golf, and when he arrived home we packed up the car and headed out for the day.

First stop, my parent's house for appetizers and cocktails, a serious game of limbo and tag and of course, a turkey (free range) dinner paired with mouthwatering sides. Oyster stuffing, herbed brussel sprouts, Jon's famous mashed potatoes, organic cranberry sauce and more. After coffee and a short period of relaxation we headed off to Jon's dad's home.

The cycle began again, appetizers paired with a tasty German Riesling followed by turkey (free range, local), stuffing, homemade applesauce, braised carrots and more. To top off the evening we ate our desserts (mostly gluten free, some vegan and some definitely not) and sipped our wines and coffees while watching Star Wars. It doesn't get better than that!

I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving. I'm still recovering from my food coma over here! The next couple weeks are busy busy. Tomorrow I'll be kicking off the week with a room tour of Jess' room. The week will (mostly) be dedicated to our home and the renovations we have been working on. I'm excited to share and I hope you are too. If you're not into the home tours make sure to come back the following week....I've got a great giveaway lined up.

Also, I have so much fun looking back through my archives. Sometimes I sit around late at night sipping my green tea (or wine) and read old posts, laugh at old pictures and sometimes even get emotional over how fast time has gone by. THIS is the reason I blog. I have all my memories, my words, my photos stored in one spot where I can continue to journal and document.

is our Thanksgiving last year. I just started shooting in manual, and I think I am slowly getting better. Now I just need that camera upgrade and I'll be well on my way ;)


  1. Oh looks so pleasant and peaceful! So happy. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  2. These photos are beautiful as always, so full of fun and smiles :) Also, that frisbee is BANANAS. I can see why Jess was so excited about it.


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