04 December 2012

mother and daughter.


us 2

Today, while Jonas was in school, Joshua had a date with my mom. A date in the kitchen rolling out dough, listening to Christmas music and decorating cookies. These two have a bond, and it's certainly something special. While they stirred and sprinkled away Jess and I had our own escapade, a sporadic trip to Cleveland.

Our day was filled with books store adventures, wandering in shops and eying some spectacular artwork in galleries. Have you ever tried to explain a Chihuly piece to a two year old? It makes for interesting conversation. And of course, any trip to Cleveland (Beachwood area) isn't complete without stopping for Burgers at the B Spot, cruising through Anthroplogie and stocking up on groceries at Trader Joes.

As I typed the title of today's post my mind started to wander, as it often does. I was once asked about the poems that I write here. I actually produce very little poetry. Poems take time and editing. Something I don't have much of these days. But I'm trying to find that time. I suppose what I do here is more brainstorm and free write. Sometimes these words make their way into poems, sometimes they find their home here.

Some thoughts on the title of mother and daughter:

earlier today
i dressed, tossed my hair into a bun
searched for shoes
something i can never find.
they used to be in the shoe bin,
but today it was empty.

earlier today
i thought of our outing
there was a time
when i tossed strollers in cars
large, oddly shaped creations
i don't even use ours,
i have three in my garage.
parked where my car should sleep.

i love wearing my daughter,
holding her on my hip
wrapping her close to my heart.

earlier today
i reached into the drawer
pulled out an old baby carrier
a simple cloth
worn with stains and memories.
would it still hold her
i remembered the last time my daughter
was wrapped next to me.
a long walk on the beach
mist gently touching our faces
laughter mixed with love.

earlier today
i wanted to travel back
to that time where ocean waves
surrounded our stillness
where mother and daughter
walked as one.

as i wrapped my daughter today
i held her a little closer
a little tighter
would this be the last time
to wrap her next to me?


  1. well that was darling.. as are you two! Such a beautiful picture of you two peas in a pod - that top pic. Sounds like a fun day!
    needle and nest

  2. Love your writing :) Great moment is time = great memories.

  3. So much sweetness here...I have these thoughts often and I love how you're able to put them in words so lovely.

  4. You two are seriously twins. Pretty, pretty twins!

    And the poem was beautiful. Oh, I just love poetry!

  5. Such beautiful words for your sweet, little girl x

  6. Oh, I love the tenderness of your words. Making room in our lives for sweet poetry allows our souls to breathe, doesn't it? By the way, you look so alike!! Precious.

  7. You both are so beautiful.. just as beautiful as this post and the poem. Sounds like a great day.


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