14 December 2012

today i'm with my children.


Earlier this afternoon, while the boys were at school, Jon called me. He told me not to watch the news. Not to jump online. But it was too late.

I don't feel much for writing today, and I really don't feel like sharing my children today.

I'll share my Bailey dog, but not my children.

I'm off the hold their hands, to hug them a bit tighter today, to listen to every word they have to say. I'm off to spoil them, to give them my undivided attention. Because that is my job as a mother.

I provide
I listen
I care
I love

I hold my patience in my hands
and my children in my heart.

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  1. Beautiful post Liz. I couldn't agree more. What a sad day. I too will hold my kids tighter today and be so thankful for our goodnight hugs tonight.


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