05 February 2013

coming home.


There is pure joy in returning home after being away for five days. The sound of my children's voices, the excitement in their faces, the smell of our house and the feel of my own bed. It felt so good to be home last night. To sit down at the table and eat dinner as a family, to play on the living room floor and hide the souvenirs we brought for the kids. To watch them laughing and enjoying their new trinkets while mom and dad told stories of our trip.

It felt so right to lay next to Jonas, Joshua and Jessica while I read their bedtime stories and tucked them away tightly for the night. And when that moment arrived for me to lay lazily on our couch, I absorbed every second of it.

While I will always enjoy our vacations, I always love returning home the most. Not a minute went by on our trip when I didn't think of our little ones. As you can imagine, I have lots of pictures and stories to tell. I can't wait to share! Our trip to New Orleans, our participation in the Taste of the NFL and the Super Bowl game were an amazing adventure that I feel blessed to have experienced. Details to come soon....


  1. there is something about being in your home... it is one of the best feelings!

  2. I love coming home even after a half day away. I bet it was wonderful to see and hug your babes.


  3. maybe that's why we take trips, huh? to appreciate our home and our bed and our nest.

    and what a fun reason to travel! we are headed to new orleans on sunday.



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