12 February 2013

Guest Post. Gina Munsey

Bodega Bay, CA

On this edge of the Pacific, the world is immense, cold, moonlit, watched by great rock faces standing motionless above the frothy pools, a cloak of grey fog around their rugged shoulders.

And it's so beautiful.

When I'm under these thin flannel clouds, which twist over and around and through the cypress trees which hug those northern ocean roads we drove on our honeymoon, I always feel that the coast is hiding a piece of my heart.

There can be years between the coast and I, but each time I'm home again, all of my heart jumps to life. It jumps to life and dances here, here on this cold coast, on the craggy beaches, across the harbor from the great stone cliffs, where the tiny houses hang on the edge and the front porch lights sparkle between Orion and the highway below.

I can’t stay forever.

(But I'm quite certain no other corner of the world holds my heart the way you do.)
Gina Munsey of Oaxacaborn, a Californian who currently resides in Florida, wrote this little snippet over Christmas break on her home coast. Thank you Gina for sharing your beauitful words.


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