sunday stills. photo 7


A single photo once a week.
To capture my emotions, to sum up the days.
To collect my thoughts and hold them in my hands.

Every Sunday, one photo.

On this Sunday: By no means my best photograph, but I captured the essence of the moment. The laughter that traveled around the room and quickly landed in this little nook. This hidden corner where three children played into a land of happiness.


  1. It makes my heart happy to see how much they play together.

  2. Your children are going to treasure this photograph in the future and thank you for taking it! What a wonderful moment you have captured :) I hope you enjoy your sunday evening.


  3. Looks like fun! I think photos like these are the best - it's times like these that you want to remember forever x

  4. Love this picture and their expressions. Priceless!


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