hello spring. hello snow day.








Monday I woke up with an eagerness to start the day, and eagerness to start the week. I have a full week ahead of me before we host Easter dinner at our house for twenty two people, and I need every second of each day to prepare.

What I was not prepared for was several inches of snow, no school, an official snow day plopped right in the early stages of spring. Not winter, spring.

So I declared it a no work day. And official play day, because that's what snow days really are, right? They're meant for playing. We started ours off with a batch of crepes to warm our bellies, then we headed outside with friends to romp and roam in the freshly fallen snow, the kinda snow that is just perfect for snowman making and snowball throwing.



We ate our lunches on the floor, we sat on the counters and made a pie, we played hide and seek for an hour (I officially hold the place for the best hiding spot), we played legos and kitchen, and while I sweated in my spinning class the kids played at the gym, then we played in the arcade and in the jump room. After a session of nice warm baths and hot cocoa we called it a night by cuddling and reading in mama's bed.

It really was the best day.
No work, just play.
I should really have these days more often.


  1. That last shot is magical.
    Coming from Australia, I can't imagine what a "snow day" would be like but I think my kids would love it!


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