10 March 2013

new orleans trip. part III

















Super Bowl Sunday. The final day of our trip.
After working late on Saturday night at the Taste of the NFL and heading back to Cochon for a post event party we were spent. We looked forward to an easy Sunday. Lazy strolls through the French Quarter, bloody mary's at the French Market (where we picked up souvenirs for the kiddos) and brunch at SoBou (the Commander's Family).

I'll admit, we were a little up in the air about actually attending the Super Bowl. We're not big football fans, but we also knew this may be a once in a life time opportunity. So when opportunity knocks you take it. Jon literally ran to pick up our tickets, I picked up a couple last minute gifts and we met up outside the hotel. No time for changing, no time for resting. Off we went. I was whisked away to the moments when we first began dating. Impromptu nights, running around without a care in the world.

While we're still not huge football fans and I can't tell you a single song that Beyonce sings, we had a blast. Minus my little panic attack when the lights went out. Jon thought that was the ideal time for another round of drinks, I thought it was more important to locate the emergency exits. Silly, right? Things never made me nervous in the past. Now, since I have three children, everything makes me nervous. Plane rides, car trips, and most certainly the power going out (partially) at the Super Bowl. When you write out your will for the first time it gives you a bit of a reality check.

But here we are, home safe and sound.
Listening to Joshua tap tap tap away on his new drum.
Watching Jessica twirl round and round in her authentic Mardi Gras beads.
And listening to Jonas explain exact details about the Mosasaurus tooth we brought him. My little paleontologist.
Souvenirs really are the best part of vacations.
And even better, coming home.
Coming home to family.
Coming home to children.



And of course, we had to end our trip on a good food note. By the time the game ended we were starving and in search of something to eat. Wandering around the streets of New Orleans on a late Sunday night we were riding close to frustration. We stumbled across a restaurant with large window fronts and white tables cloths. A crowded bar and signs of good food. Little did we know it was Emeril's restaurant, not something we would have typically picked, but we were pleasantly surprised.

You were good to us New Orleans, we look forward to spending time with you again.

I wanted to say thank you to everyone's suggestions for our trip. Our friends Max and Jen had a list of great places to visit and Jon's roommate from college, Sean, and his sister Lauren took us out on the town. It was a blast hanging out with them. Thank you to Meredith on Instagram for your awesome suggestions! I appreciate you taking the time to email me ;)

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  1. Ah- I want to go to New Orleans so bad, and just eat & eat. That cake looks insane!

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