20 March 2013

skiing with the boys.

A couple weeks back we headed up to Ellicottville, NY for a short ski trip with the boys. This year's experience was certainly different than last year, mostly being that we had the opportunity to actually ski with the boys. They did one full day of lessons and the following day we decided to put Jonas in a private lesson. It was well worth the money. He was heading up the chair lift and skiing down the green hills (and one blue) before lunchtime. When Joshua's class ended we decided to take him with us and he did just fine.

These boys of mine never cease to amaze me. Their courage, lack of fear and positive attitude to pick up and go. They are filled with so much energy that radiates out of their little souls and into Jon and I. We really have something to learn from children.

We look forward to skiing again next year, and possibly even bringing Jess with us.

You can see last year's trip here.

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