12 April 2013

museum adventures.








It seems that the flu bug has struck every household we know, and unfortunately it hit ours during spring break. Plans were canceled and many movies were watched, but we did manage to squeeze in a day trip to Cleveland. Since it was last minute we didn't worry about much planning. We grabbed lunch at Lemongrass and then headed to The Cleveland Museum of Natural History for the rest of the day.

Jonas has been passionate about dinosaurs since he was three years old, and now he has Joshua and Jessica on board. They ran this way and that way eager to explore each exhibit. Megalodon was by far a favorite, and Jess couldn't get enough of Allosaurus. A trip to the local, or not local, museum is always a hit. Especially when dinosaurs and fossils are involved.

Did I ever mention Jonas has quite the fossil collection? My mom got him started and he has accumulated some fantastic pieces over the years, including a Spinosaurus tooth, a trilobite, an ammonite, several prehistoric shark teeth and more.

My favorite exhibit at the museum? The story of Balto by far won over my heart. I had no idea the history behind this Siberian Husky and made it a point to read and share it with the kids. Such a fascinating and touching story. And of course, I can never get enough of the rocks and gems display, but the kids never seem interested.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend and stays far away from those flu bugs!

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