08 April 2013

this and that.


Here we are and another Monday has arrived. At least we have finally beat the stomach bug that haunted our house last week. What a rough week! And now that it's over I'm playing catch up on all my lost time. A few days may not seem like a lot, but with three kids, a full schedule and a house to run loosing a couple days is disastrous. I'm still washing sheets and duvets, pillows and cloths. I've embraced this cleaning and decided to go into full spring cleaning mode. I cannot believe the amount of clutter that has accumulated into our home over the past year. I don't understand where it all comes from. Does anyone else have this problem?

I've also been thinking long and hard about this little blog. I feel like it's time to make some changes, perhaps a new header? A new layout? We shall see. I have, however, been receiving some questions via comments and emails SO I thought I would open this up to a little FAQ. If you have any questions go ahead and leave a comment here or shoot me an email. I'll be answering them in a separate post and possibly adding them to my about page.

Well friends, I hope the weekend was good to you. We're enjoying the warm weather and sunshine around here. Jon and I mapped out our garden and are ready to get digging. After taking off a year for the move I am more than ready for a garden and to get my hands dirty.

We have our windows open and as I type I can hear the children laughing and playing in the backyard with Jon.

It feels good.
It feels good to finally have spring in the air.

* I can never decide how to reply to comments. I try to email everyone, but to be honest, I have a hard time keeping up with that process, and I don't even get that many comments! I've decided to reply to all comments here on my blog. That seems to be what others do so it must work ;)


  1. So glad you are all back to feeling well! I hope you get caught up and outside to enjoy the beautiful weather! :)

    1. thanks! feeling so much better. i'm just itching for spring. it's been nice here so hopefully it will stick around ;)


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