a round of t-ball.


When Joshua came to me and asked to play t-ball I couldn't help but be excited. Baseball uniforms, the smell of an old leather mitt, dusty shoes and the cheers of a crowd easily brought back memories from my childhood. I played softball for many years and continued on while in high school.

It's amazing how something so small as a scent in the air or a glimpse of an object and overwhelm the mind with memories.

I'm looking forward to creating a whole new batch of memories with this little guy.



josh baseball






For some reason I just love this last photo! I may have to frame it for his room. Speaking of rooms, I've been busy over here finishing the spring cleaning and getting organized. I think my mom can sense the stress in my voice because she offered to take the kids Saturday night so I can "get some things done." What would we do without family?

Today is Wednesday, our crazy day, but I don't seem to mind today. The weather is too beautiful to let the little things bother me. So, we're heading outside to work in the yard, dig out the sidewalk chalk and play dinosaurs. I filled an outdoor planter with all our dinosaur toys and have decided to keep it on the patio all summer. It doesn't get better than dinosaurs and dirt.


  1. Aw, how cool! What a neat rite of passage for him :) Lovely photos too!


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