10 May 2013

finding motherhood.


motherhood hides deep inside our souls.
it waits, patiently, until we are ready
sometimes it finds us and sometimes we find it
but how we get there does not matter, when we embrace this gift
when we hold new life
that is when it matters.

i have found motherhood three times

and each time i have found myself.

my children have taught me from their hearts
from their newborn eyes they have showed me kindness in a new light
from their two year old touch,
soft fingers against my cheeks,
they have showed me patience
from their laughter that mirrors a powerful orchestra
i have found passion
for life
for love
for our future.

motherhood has brought me down a path
has led me to my destiny
a journey i am meant to embark on

motherhood is a discovery
the purest form of joy
endless happiness.

motherhood is a smiling soul
and my soul is forever smiling.


  1. mmhmm, it's a beautiful thing, ain't it? Lovely poem by the way.

  2. lovely poem! i'm pregnant with my second baby and reading your words makes me almost crying (maybe hormones have something to do with that!) my first daughter sees me in a way i never thought possible, with a love and a verity that nobody can see. i'm learning so much from being a mom!


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