jessica's big girl room.


I will be the first to admit that when we took the crib apart, carried it down the stairs and out the door I was full of tears and a broken heart. It felt like the end of an era. The end of the baby stage. The end of coo's and babbles. The end to a piece of who we are. I've only know the baby stage for the past seven years of my life. What will the future hold? Well, I'm not really sure, but I can tell you it holds happiness, love and an irreplaceable bond with my family.

So no more tears, no more broken hearts. Not in this room.

Jessica's room is full of bright lights and sunshine, pops of color here and there and toys and unique belongings that make it special.




jess room




jess room 2








Jessica's room is also featured over on Babiekins Magazine Blog. Head on over here to read about it.

You can see her nursery here.

Details of the room are on the nursery post, but here are some updates:
Bedding: Target
Pear Print: Fine Little Day
Curtains: Ikea
Dear Canvas: c/o Boom Boom Prints

Once we finally get those hardwood floors I'll post another update. A friend had a great suggestion, to paint the floors white. White walls and white floors? I would be in heaven! Hopefully, we'll be tackling the floors this summer. Fingers crossed.

Jessica is wearing: Embrodiered top from Mexico // Pants, Hello Apparel // Bow, Bloomies


  1. Oh mama. I would be a mess but you are right! Nothing but happiness and good times to come! Her room is gorgeous!! You did such a great job. White floors would be perfect! Cannot wait to see the update. :)

  2. 1. its gorgeous.
    2. and so big!
    3. I really wanted the blue kitchen, I wish it wasn't on back order when I tried to get it.
    4. she doesn't fall off the bed?! M would be off so fast--- I have no idea how I ended up with an acrobat sleeper.

    1. 1. thank you :)
      2. a wide angle lens can be deceiving. it's not small, but not that big either.
      3. i can't believe they still had it in stock, we waited so late to order it. i found it on some random site.
      4. no! she's petrified to move, haha. i swear she sleeps in the same position and doesn't move. until she wakes up, calls for me and comes into our bed. every single night. josh on the other hand, half the time i find him on the floor sound asleep.

  3. getting rid of the crib was a heart breaker but what a beautiful room you have created for her. lots of sweet dreams to take place in there.

    1. thank you!
      i hope the room will be filled with lots of sweet dreams :)

  4. Absolutely floored by her beautiful space! We're transitioning Maile into a "big girl room" right now, and Tim is already frustrated with me -- since I never fully finished Maile's nursery, haha. Definitely filing away some of these sweet ideas!

    1. wow, thanks katie! so much of the house is not finished, but i wanted to get the kids' rooms done.

  5. SO perfect! I am pretty envious of her room. I love that little kitchenette and the lovely lion cushion.

    1. thanks jessica! she loves the little kitchen too and i was lucky to find the lion on clearance, so i like him even more :)

  6. What a beautiful room! I adore the play space in the wardrobe. Now THAT's a clever space saving idea!

    1. Thanks Amber! I figure at this point in her life she doesn't need a big closest, plus I remember back when I was little, I loved little spaces tucked away. They always seemed so magical.

  7. I love your decorating style! You have great taste.

  8. I am so in love with this room!


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