04 May 2013

three cheers for the weekend.


The weekend is finally here and we are jumping up and down for joy in this house. It must be spring fever because we just want to be outside, stay up late, snack on fresh fruit and dance in our pajamas. I would say we're ready for summer!


I have now officially been following the Paleo (for the most part) lifestyle and can't wait to purchase this cookbook.

I can honestly say I feel amazing and I think a large part is cutting out the gluten. I have also been hitting the gym pretty hard. I can always use some new music recommendations. Suggestions? This song has been my new favorite for spinning and running.

Speaking of music, now that the weather is warm Jon and I have the music bug. We just want to go hear live music, and unfortunately, Phish's summer tour is not looking good for us. But that doesn't mean we won't do something crazy like fly to Chicago for a night to see them :)

I have decided that I am not ready to throw the towel in on the bikini, hence the dedication to the gym. I've got my eye on these suites: one, two and three.

Recently, I can't get my nose out of my books. My mom recommended that I read this, this and this.

Our garden has been dug out and rototilled. We've added our manure, sand and peet moss and now we're plotting what to plant. We are also ordering this for our compost bin.

Have you ever wondered how to properly prep and cook an artichoke? Drea covers it in this post.

I'm pretty excited to say that I'll be contributing a bit more over on Babiekins Magazine Blog. I would love for you to come follow us over there!

As we all know, Google Reader will soon be non-existant so you can find me over on Bloglovin.

And, last but not least, a few items on my mother's day list:
This coat. My old fleece is from before Jon and I were married! But you gotta love Patagonia because it has held up after all these years. In white or black please :)
New polaroid film found here.
This serum.
These new gym shoes.
And some workout clothes to go with them. Pants and shirt.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Listen, I was excited. "Do something crazy......" I thought the sentence would finsih with "like a weekend in florida".


  2. YES! Don't give up the bikini! I'm not either (hence getting up at 5:30 and killing myself at crossfit 4x a week...if I'm good.)
    Also, congrats on theBabykins gig. That's totally major!


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