25 September 2013

feeling FABulous with FAB Kids.












Every day I drive past this old abandoned gas station and every day in my mind I say that I would like to stop and take photos. But those thoughts are quickly brushed to the back of my mind.

The other day we stopped.

I pulled the car up next to the old building and slowly turned around to watch the cars rapidly drive past. I always wonder if someone will see me, if someone will wonder what I am doing. "Why, I'm capturing memories" is what I would say. Perhaps one day when Jess is in high school (oh, I can't even think that) or college she will stumble across these photos hidden away in a shoe box. Perhaps she will say, "Hey mom, remember that day we stopped at an old gas station with graffiti on the walls?" And I will respond, "Yes, and we took photos, and laughed and danced. And after we finished we went for hot chocolates."

This was a good day. We created memories. Memories that I document, like I do, and perhaps will tuck away in a shoebox for another day down the road. And on that day, when we dig through our memories, we'll be creating even more memories.

I wonder if I'll document that moment too.
I have a feeling I will.

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  1. Replies
    1. i'm thinking it will look super cute with skinny jeans and tall boots too :)

  2. Such cute photos of your little one. I often think about whether to stop and take photos somewhere what others will think next time I should just do it and not worry:) It is so hard to believe when they are little they will go to high school but it comes around so very fast I look at my 14year old and wonder where did my little girl go! x

    1. thanks catherine! i'm always plotting out locations, but i rarely stop. now, i'm learning to just go with my intuitions because sometimes they turn into great photos. i can't even think about high school. makes my heart beat faster and faster. i know what you mean about your oldest. jonas is 8 and i still think of him as my baby :) xoxo

  3. What a little cutie! She's such a model! Love the backdrop choice :)
    xo TJ

  4. small model, beautifully,,,also have two daughters:) I invite you also to my blog, I think that you will like and join

  5. Gorgeous photos! So great to stop & capture that graffiti- & your daughter is so photogenic!

  6. what absolutely darling photos! your blog is oh so lovely.


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