06 September 2013

hello weekend.


There is a cool breeze in the September air. As we made our way to sleep last night we left our windows open wide so we could hide beneath the warmth of thick blankets. When I rose this morning the tile floors were cold against my bare feet and my hands slightly stiff with an autumn chill. When I touched the boys to wake them they stirred with a sudden jolt, my hands felt frigid against their warm skin. The leaves are changing and some have even found their way to the ground. Today Jessica and I pulled out our boots, buried deep within the closet, and quickly slipped them on.

I hope you enjoy the September sun this weekend and make the best out of your days.


This is currently on my night stand and I am so close to finishing it.

I'm on the search for a good (healthy) zucchini bread recipe. I made this one and it's pretty tasty.

I am absolutely in love with this site.

I checked this cookbook out from the library and I am thoroughly enjoy it.

So many great recipes on this blog.

I have discovered so much talent on Instagram. My favorites right now are one, two and three.

And I am loving these blogs: one, two, three and four.

Lastly, we are working on a new cocktail menu for the restaurant. If you're local come down and check it out. Think classic drinks with a modern twist.

Tonight's First Friday in downtown so make sure to come out and celebrate. Don't forget to support the local arts community and your local businesses!

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  1. Oh my goodness aren't you the sweetest! I was just looking around to see where traffic for our site was coming from and it linked me back to you. Thanks so much for the referral!! Much appreciation, xo


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