10 September 2013

Warby Parker. Fall 2013 Collection


Today, Warby Parker launches their new Fall 2013 Collection. Think back to the early sixties, an age where the youth of America were finding their voices, where conservatism of the fifties was rapidly fading and where real creative change was beginning to unfold. These exciting years that mark America's history happen to be a few of my favorite. Literature became a clear reflection of what was happening socially and politically in our country and some of America's greatest authors buried their roots deep in history during this era.

The collection debuts five new frames in a mix of materials— bold acetate in rich, autumnal colors at the brow and nose, and stainless steel-rimmed lenses. Each name— Ames, Ripley, Rowan, Holcomb and Ellison— is a reverent bow to some of the most influential literary references of the time. The 15 options, featuring sunwear and optical, provide midcentury style without the flea market goose chase.


While fashion certainly plays a large role in our day to day lives, I strive to find meaning in the pieces I choose to wear. This new fall line roosts an excitement for change and a passion for intelligence. Visualize a crisp autumn afternoon, the fire softly glows in a distant room, the rich aroma of coffee lingers in the kitchen and there you sit tucked tightly into the corner of an old leather chair. You carefully reach across to the wooden coffee table and lift the tortoise shell glasses to your face. Words suddenly become clear and meaningful. Your heart begins to beat slightly faster as the pages of your book create a subtle sound, as you finally land where you left off and as you become lost in literature.

I yearn for this moment. And in the moment I can picture myself in the Holcomb frame or the Ripley frame and most certainly reading One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, The Silent Spring or To Kill a Mockingbird, once again.

What is your story?
What do you visualize?
What glasses do you envision yourself wearing?
What literature reels you in?

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  1. while I'm not much of a reader, I wish to be. and has anyone told you, you write beautifully. LOVE the glasses ;)


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