14 October 2013





"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Jonas: Embracing the gifts given by fall.
Joshua: Surrounded by hues of autumn.
Jessica: An inquisitive look.

Thank you Jodi for hosting this series.

While Jessica's birthday was a success, I am devastated that it ended with a crash - literally. My camera fell and my lens (as in my favorite, I don't use any other lens) broke. I took it into the shop immediately and was even more heart broken at the price tag to fix it and the six weeks it will be gone. I've decided to experiment and embrace with what I do have in my camera bag. My 50mm was quite dusty after not being used for so long and it is a nice change (not really, but I'll just say it is) to switch up the view point of my photos.

As an anniversary gift, in addition to fixing my lens, Jon surprised me with a flash. I'm pretty excited because I have never ventured down this road. While I prefer natural light in photography, I know that at times a flash is necessary and I would like to learn those techniques.

Do you have any tips for using a flash? I would love to hear them!


  1. i'm sorry to hear about your camera. that is a bummer... but like you said, you will make most out of what you have. i have no pointers for a flash because i never use one. like you, i prefer natural light.

    1. thanks, ya i am beyond bummed. i definitely love natural light, but hope to learn some tricks of softening the flash. especially with dark ohio winters a flash may be a necessity.

  2. Oh no, that is such a bummer about your camera! Our family took a trip about a month ago and ever since that trip and coming home I have not been able to find my camera charger and so I've been without the use of my camera since, and it is not fun :( Hoping for you that the six weeks goes by fast! And how fun to be able to venture out with using a flash! These pics came out great and just wanted to say that you have very beautiful children! :)



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