25 October 2013

happy birthday jon!


I know that Jon secretly wants to celebrate for forty days, since this is the big 40, and maybe we will but, regardless, today begins the celebrating. A morning where he can sleep in, guilt free, coffee waiting for him in the kitchen next to a mason jar lined with breakfast parfait. And a note, scribbled with happy faces and children's drawings, sharing the details of the weekend and the week to come.

We like to celebrate birthdays in our home. Decorated rooms for the children, the occasional surprise party for the adults (although I learned my lesson on that one, turns out Jon doesn't like surprises) and the birthday feast that is always filled with good food and select wines. In our home, the celebration is important. Over the years I have learned that it is far greater than just celebrating another birthday. We are celebrating life, family and new traditions. Those late nights of decorating the children's rooms are creating memories that Jon and I will talk about years from now. "Remember that year, when Jonas slept through our laughter and silly voices as we filled his room with a hundred balloons?" Or "Remember the morning when Josh ran into our room and jumped on the bed, shrieking with joy that is was his birthday?"

These are the moments that we will remember.
This is the true meaning that hides behind the presents, the cake and the wrapping paper.
Underneath it all is a gift far greater, a gift that can be appreciated throughout the years.
A gift that we can share as a family.

Late last night I dug out a box of old photo albums. I came across Jon's 30th birthday. Moments shared with his family and my family, moments shared with friends at our favorite local bar that always echoed music off the walls. Sometimes, those moments feel like yesterday. And sometimes, I feel fortunate to be standing where we are today. I think Jon would agree with me that we stand in a better place. That ten years of marriage, three children, a couple moves, several vacations, budget planning, school talks, holidays, good times and bad times have brought us closer together.

These years have showed me just how much I truly appreciate my husband. How deep my love for him runs and how much I value him as a friend, a husband and a father. Because honestly, I couldn't have asked for better friend, husband or father to my children.

He is patient and kind.
His heart welcomes the world around him.
His work ethic is unlike any other I have seen and it is parallel to his determination.
He is gentle and loving.
He is funny and quirky.
He can hold his ground in a light saber fight and sure knows how to have a tea party with Jessica and the dolls.
He claims he's not creative, but he is. I see it. He thinks outside of the box on a daily basis.
He knows the meaning of family and would do anything to protect it.
He values life and chooses to live it to the fullest.
And for this, I will always stand by his side.


  1. this was beautiful! you guys are an inspiration. happy birthday to jon!!!

  2. Hi, I come here via Eat this Poem's Literary Guide of Canton, Ohio. I'm always so glad to discover another lovely blog(ger) that cares about writing. Thanks from thousands of miles away from Ohio (in Honolulu!)

    1. thank you for stopping by, all the way from Honolulu! like you, i love discovering the writers of the world. i can't wait to grab my tea and dive into your stories :)

  3. This is such a beautiful and touching post. I love it so much. Your love of your family is so strong and so gorgeous! I also see so much of your children in you two in this photo. Celebration, memories, family is what life is all about. :) Happy 40th to your love!!

    1. Thank you Nicole! Memories and family and celebrating truly are what life is about. It took awhile for me to understand this concept, but I am forever grateful now that I get it.

  4. 40 days of celebrating sounds like a great idea to me! : ) Love your beautiful blog -- just discovered you via your Literary City Guide!

    1. I could take 40 days of celebrating! thank you for stopping by and for the lovely comment :)

  5. Happy Birthday to your other half!:) I couldn't agree with you more about Birthdays...a time to celebrate all that is important and give someone a truly special day!:) OR days...I hope you go for 40;)

    1. my other half says thanks :)
      we only lasted in a week of celebrating....we're getting too old, lol.


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