15 November 2013

hello weekend.


The weekend is here and we are jumping for joy! I have a list a mile long that I want to accomplish this weekend and still somehow have time for movie night and dinner with friends. I'm looking forward to cleaning the house, lighting a fire if the air is cool enough, baking pumpkin bread and sipping on hot cocoas. What does your weekend entail? A list of to-dos or a time to relax?

I'm almost done with this book and am looking forwarding to starting this one.

The excitement of Christmas is in the air and the kids have started their lists. These items may not be on the list, but I sure would like to add them for the kids. One, two, three and four.

I am in love with this t-shirt for Jess.

These shoes are so good. I also love these boots, these starry shoes and these red ones.

Speaking of shoes, I may need to jump on the bandwagon and splurge on these (gray or black)with these socks/liners please. I love my current rain boots but they are circe 2002 and have had their day.

While in Friday Harbor the kids fell in love with these coloring books, but we had already picked out souvenirs. Maybe they will make their way to a stocking this Christmas ;)

Lastly, just a few things I am enjoying on Pinterest these days.
I adore this look.
This bag, these shoes. My style to a T.
This sweater is lovely. I live in sweaters all winter long.
And a good quote to walk away with for the weekend.

If you follow me on Pinterst, you may have noticed my pins are shedding a hint as to what we are working on in the house. The bathroom, kid's rooms, the upstairs hallway. Tis' the season to clean and rearrange. I love turning to Pinterst for inspiration.

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Happy Weekend!

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