27 November 2013

reflecting and redirecting.




Last night I had a moment where I became caught up in the whirlwind of the holidays. I found myself stressing over my to-do list, becoming anxious over my house chores and pondering how I would accomplish all the dishes and desserts I desired to make. While I probably should have gone downstairs to switch out laundry, I decided to go to bed. A good decision.

It is so easy to loose track during the holidays. To become consumed in the not so important aspects that tend to linger around. To cave into materialism, to shy away from real meanings. To bring unwanted and unnecessary stress into your home.

I am guilty of it every year, I just hope I caught myself early enough this year that I can get back on track.

We woke up to a snow day today! Shrills of laughter and high pitched squeaks bounced around our room as the kids jumped for joy (after Jonas panicked because he thought we overslept and were late for school.)It felt good to have a lazy day. We started it off right, with coffee and breakfast of course! But after that morning routine, the kids and I gathered in the kitchen and got to work. As a Thanksgiving tradition, we made side dishes for those who are not as fortunate in our community. For those families who need a helping hand, because at one point in our lives we all need a helping hand. I want my children to understand the importance of reaching out to others, to picking someone up when they are down, to offering a hand or a hug or even just time.

I try to teach my children to live simply, to value life, family and friends.
To give back to their community. To me, this is the meaning behind Thanksgiving. Yes, we gather and we give thanks, but it is also about kindness, love and patience. It is about leading from the heart and offering open hands to anyone who needs them.

I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving.
I hope you find time to embrace your kindness
to sit with family or friends
to give thanks
to savor the good food
to laugh a little
and enjoy life.

*Jessica's vest c/o Pop Out Clothing, for more photos you can visit Babiekins Blog

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Love your beautiful photos! And I know your meal will be fabulous!



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