17 December 2013





Jonas: Caught between wind and falling flurries.
Joshua: Embracing the moment and capturing creativity.
Jessica: My snow queen, silent and still.

Thank you Jodi for hosting this series.

As the year gradually rolls to an end, I feel the need to stop and embrace this project. Thank you Jodi for hosting such an amazing series. Through this journey I have met so many talented women along the way. I have become inspired and moved through their words and photographs. I have looked back through my own photographs and found joy in the memories I have managed to capture. I also want to thank you Jodi, because if it wasn't for this project perhaps I may have never picked up my camera. Perhaps I may have missed a moment or a memory in time. And if it wasn't for this project, and my determination, my photography may not be where it is today. I'm not saying that I feel my photographs are good, but I know my hard word and daily photographing has paid off. I can confidently say that I only shoot in manual, that I finally understand light, and that I'm trying to look through my lens with a creative eye.

Here's to an amazing year of documenting our children.
I look forward to the next, and to holding all three sets of 52 photos bound tightly together in a beautiful book. Do you plan on printing your series? I've been so impressed with Artifact Uprising that I think they may be a perfect fit for these timeless photographs.


  1. great set! i feel exactly the same way about this project, too. look forward to continuing in 2014 and having time to meet some more of the community! xx

  2. what beautiful winter shots. i particularly love Jess's.


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