16 December 2013

finding magic.




When I was a child I found magic in the holiday season with every turn on my head. I found it in the sparkling lights draped around the tree, in the pretty packages that silently slept underneath it. I found it in the sugary cookies decorated with bright colors and sprinkles and in the Christmas music that always loomed softly in the background. I found magic in my holiday dress that twirled higher and higher when I spun in circles on my tip toes.

As an adult, it is easy to loose sight of that magic. To tuck it away like a lost memory. With the guidance of my children, I have found that unique magic this Christmas. I have found "the spirit of the season" that we read about in stories and that we hear about in music and movies. I have found it and I feel it. It is alive inside our hearts.

I strive to make every moment count. As a parent, I want to embrace this time together, because one day my children will outgrow the traditions of seeing The Nutcracker, of making gingerbread houses or cuddling on the couch with hot cocoas and Elf.

I have found the magic of Christmas in my family.
I have found it in the moments we share together. I hope that one day my children will remember these moments more than the presents and gifts. I hope they will treasure this time. I hope they will take our traditions and pass them along to their own families. I hope that I am there to share in those memories.










This past weekend truly was magical. I can still feel it lingering in my heart. A date with my three children; the excitement and anticipation of The Nutcracker followed by a special dinner out. A night dedicated to building gingerbread houses, drinking hot chocolates drenched in marshmallows and reading Christmas books while tucked tightly under our warm covers.

These are the moments I will never forget.


To remember our first time seeing The Nutcracker, the kids were allowed to each pick out an ornament. Jonas and Joshua both decided on a nutcracker, each different in style, and Jessica immediately picked out the ballet shoes. She has talked here and there about starting ballet and, well honestly, I just keep putting it off. For the past two nights she has slept with her ballet shoes placed gently on her pillow. She will not hang them on her tree and she will not set them on her nightstand.

Looks like someone is starting at The Canton Ballet this January!


  1. How sweet! Love the photos of them gathered around together working on the gingerbread houses! So excited for her to start ballet!! She is going to be the cutest little ballerina!

    1. I know! I think I'm more excited about her starting ballet than she is :)


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