24 December 2013

merry christmas.


While there is still so much to be done, I'm slowing down today. I'm finishing up a few cookies and am looking forward to icing them while Christmas music plays in the distance. There is still wrapping to be done, but I know we'll conquer that tonight. It's a tradition. Staying up a bit later, drinking a good red, turning on live music and wrapping the night away. Last year we talked my sister in to helping us out. Good thing she's our neighbor!

I have come to realize that Christmas Eve, and even Christmas Day, are about traditions for Jon and I. They are about the traditions we are creating for this little family of ours.

Lunch at Benders, lobster rolls and jerry fries.
Mass with my parents.
Tapas at our house.
Christmas books by the fire.
New holiday pajamas to welcome sleep.
Early mornings with strong coffee and cinnamon rolls.

I want to hold onto these traditions forever!
Merry Christmas friends.
I hope you enjoy these next couple days and the traditions you are creating!

*I have some pictures with Santa and a few others I want to share. I'm just slowing down a bit.
*My best friend got engaged last night at Benders!!! I'm SO excited and honored that we were a part of it.
*Jessica's dress is c/o Tea Collection


  1. Just beautiful! Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family! xx

  2. Merry Christmas! I hope you and your beautiful family are enjoying the holidays...slowing down and savoring every minute. It's funny how traditions just naturally become a part of who your family is. Every Christmas since my boys were little I've always made cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning... except for this year. I don't know why I made something else, but I so wish I hadn't. They noticed.
    Enjoy the rest of this beautiful year! ♥

  3. this is a beautiful picture. looks like you had a magical Christmas. and i believe that the children are the magic ;) happy new year!


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