08 January 2014

i am capable of more.


And so we are thrust into 2014. With a new year upon us I can’t help but set goals and focus on living simply and meaningfully, searching deep within my soul and living out my life in a positive productive manner. I am not just a person; I am woman with endless dreams to fulfill, I am a mother who needs to be a strong leader and good example, I am a wife who shares respect and kindness, I am a daughter who lends a helping hand. We have so much weight to bear on our shoulders, so many tasks and duties in life to balance, and I am forever in search for the answers. I don’t know that I will find them in 2014, but I hope to find peace and balance.

Casey, who chooses a word each year to give her meaning and focus, inspired me to do the same. When I finally gathered my thoughts and sat down, a sea of words swirled inside my mind. And each word had meaning and symbolism: patience, kindness, strength, change, simplicity, and direction to name a few.

But the word I have chosen to represent 2014 is CAPABILITY.

I have the capability to change how I live my life. I have the strength to search deep into my soul, to my core, and find who I am destined to be. I know that I am destined to be a mother, a wife, a daughter, a dreamer and an adventurer, but I know that I am capable of improving each of those elements. I have the capability to develop and grow, to become a role model for my family, to lead by example, to turn away from materialistic cravings and search for meaningful values that hide in our every day. I know that I have the capability to tune out the negativity that constantly surrounds our world. I often allow myself to become consumed with emotion and weighted down by this negativity, but I have the capability to turn around and walk away. To focus on the positive forces that surrounds us. I have the capability to open my heart wider and forgive those who hurt and to understand those who choose a different path. I also have the capability of practicing patience with everyone around me, young or old, friends or strangers.

I am capable of being a better person.
Of stepping in new directions and following unforeseen paths.
I am capable of grasping onto today and letting go of yesterday and of following my hopes and dreams. I am capable of jumping, leaping and flying towards my goals, no matter how simple or uncomplicated they seem.

Confucius once said, “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”
I want to make my life uncomplicated.

Casey and Drea both hosted (with a few other cool ladies) a great link up where you can share thoughts on the new year and the word you choose. Visit their sites for details.


  1. I think determining to to fulfill your capabilities is a great aspiration for the new year. Many wishes for a successful and happy 2014. And your second picture from the New Year post... it is magical!!

    1. Many wishes to you as well! May 2014 be filled with joy!

  2. this is sooo wonderful. I love it. "Capable" Sometimes we freeze ourselves as we are afraid we aren't capable, but really we are! I can't wait to see what things unfold for you in the new year! I chose the word "abundance" (and all the hard work that will come with it). xo

    1. Yes! That's exactly how I felt...frozen, or perhaps stuck. It's time to free my feet and move forward. I like "abundance" and the thought of work behind it.


  3. Love the pictures and such a great word for 2014.

  4. This really speaks to me, thank you for sharing it. I haven't had the opportunity to see your blog before and I'm in love with it, the pictures, the way you write... You're such a beautiful person. I'm very glad I've found you on Instagram! xx


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