06 March 2014

side by side.

jess benders
My little helper walks by my side with her pink plastic fisher price camera securely clutched between her small fingers. When I stop and gather my thoughts into a tightly bound bundle she stops too. We have a rhythm, my helper and I. We walk in unison. Step by step, side by side.

These days our mother daughter relationship couldn't be closer. From the moment we rise to the moment we rest our sleepy heads this little daughter of mine is by my side. Our actions move in a rhythmic pattern that boasts a poetic love and bond. I can't help but remember my own childhood and sharing that same bond with my own mother. There are no words for unconditional love, there are no words for the love a mother feels for her children.

I gladly walk with my daughter, every day, side by side.
On this day, we walked around the restaurant snapping photographs here and there. I held with my camera, with an extra grip, and she held her pink plastic fisher price camera. We snapped photos of each other, of the empty rooms, of rooms filled with customers and, of course, we snapped several photographs of food.

And as we finished, I snapped a few photographs of my little helper enjoying her mini peanut butter sundae.

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  1. Oh this is beautiful! What an amazing little helper you have but more than that, I love how you've written about the relationship between the two of you. I hope my daughter and I share that as she gets older.


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