03 April 2014

Spring is in the Air

We started to wonder if spring was an urban legend. My mind walked through fields of open grass lined with bright yellow tulips, yet when I opened my eyes the only fields I saw were covered in heavy blankets of snow. Even last week we had snow covered grounds. I'm not one for the winter blues, but this winter has a tight grip around our days and doesn't want to let go. As that grips slightly softens it is quickly tightened with any hint of warmer weather.

These past few days have been a break through. We can finally see the signs of spring that we have all been yearning to feel. Fresh grass pushing up through roaming autumn leaves, tiny buds on the tips of trees and the chitter chatter of singing birds first thing in the morning.

Last night Jon and I sat down to work out our calendar for the month. That's what happens as the kids become older and become involved in a variety (that's an understatement) of activities. You make appointments with your husband just to talk about the month, to communicate and make sure you are on the same page. To cover all the grounds; school work, yearbook deadlines, soccer uniforms, practices, games, tournaments, recitals and report cards. I hear talk about homes being cluttered, rooms filled with toys and offices spilling with paperwork.

But what about our everyday life's?

As my children grow I am entering a stage where "clutter" is part of the territory. When your children are active it is destined to become cluttered with uniforms, soccer balls, cub scout badges, ballet leotards, sheet music, papers to read and papers to sign. If I have any control over the clutter in my life this is the kind I want to be surrounded by. I'm ok with letting go of our clothes, cutting back on the toys, turning off the cable. I'm certainly ok with stepping back from the online world and tossing old magazines and papers into the recycle bin. As I pick up our house at the end of a long day, I no longer become frustrated to see homework covering the dining room table. I know that we did that together and that time counts for memory making. When I see a game on monopoly left on the floor, I know my boys are choosing a board game over a video game. When I kick a pile of books I don't curse, I smile. My children are readers, my children yearn for knowledge. When the boys plays soccer in the house I have to fight my frustration and fear of broken belongings, but I've learned to take a deep breath and relax. They are only young once. I would rather my boys be passionate about soccer than their iPhone or iPad.

This time last year I wrote:
"Nobody ever said parenting was easy. It doesn’t come with a map, an instruction manual or even a version of cliff notes, although many times I wish it did.

We create our own notes and manuals one day at a time. It is a continuous journey, and uphill struggle that is filled with so many joys, and it is the over abundance of joys that make you forget about the stress and trials of parenting. One good game of hide and seek outweighs the sleepless nights, one round of family t-ball erases the memories of struggling to feed an infant, and the laughter of your children teaches you that happiness is all that matters.

These children of ours, they blossom and grow.
They expand and learn.
And as parents, it's our job to do the same.
To grow together.
Learn together.
Laugh together.
And this, I hope, will be the path to happiness."

Spring is about blossoming and fresh beginnings. It's about branching out in new directions, letting go in the wind and finding who you are. We are ready for you spring. We are ready to embrace the change.

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  1. Love this post. So absolutely beautiful! Jess looks so grown in these photos! Tell her to slow it down! :) xoxo


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