16 April 2014

waiting with patience.

josh fab kids
He waited, beneath the warmth of the silent spring and the clear blue skies. And as he waited he allowed the tiny specks of light to dance across his body. At times he even reached out into thin air, hoping to capture the transparent beams. The morning was cool but the warm sun welcomed bare skin that yearned to be touched. Winter was long, an endless sea of white snow and crisp air. The time of a new season called his name as he gazed into the still empty woods.

He waited, silently and patiently, for his days to quickly become consumed with the adventures that summer holds in her hands. And as he waited, with his hands tightly tucked in his pockets, he danced across the grass.

As I look out my window I can see bright green grass dusted with a soft covering of snow. But slowly that snow will melt and spring will be reveled. We're crossing our fingers that it arrives in time for Easter!

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