07 May 2014

yes, i'm a soccer mom

The truth is revealed. I'm a soccer mom. And a baseball mom, a swim team mom, a cub scouts mom, a golf mom, a ballet mom, a music mom and let's just throw in super mom for fun because sometimes that's just how I feel. I never imagined that I would one day be hauling my children all over town (and other towns) to attend practices and games. I never envisioned that I would frantically run around each day packing up sports equipment, filling nalgene bottles with enough water to last through multiple games or writing out checklists just to make sure I didn't forget anything or anyone.

My days of working in corporate America are long gone, my heels traded in for a worn pair of converse, my suits collecting dust in the back of my closet (add to checklist, get rid of suits). My boyfriend jeans and white tees, usually stained with something, are my new uniform. I also said I would never be "one of those parents" that signs their child up for every single activity. It sure sounds like I'm that parent, but it just happened to turn out this way. How do you say no when your child is asking to be active? We don't watch much tv in our house and video games are very limited, the only activity we request as parents is that each child participate in one sport. We enforce a healthy lifestyle and getting out and being active is a part of our belief system. If our son happens to like four sports then awesome, I say go for it! I also know, or hope, that number will dwindle down over the years as he focuses his attention on one or two activities he loves.

So I'm a soccer mom. I refuse to drive a minivan but I do, indeed, label my children's clothing. Again, something I never thought I would do. Until the day Jonas earned a spot on the U9 boys soccer team and proudly came home showcasing his new uniform; striped jersey, shorts, socks, warm up pants and jacket. Fast forward to the first game when he came home with a different jacket. An older and worn jacket, not the brand new jacket I spent probably too much money on. That was the day I began labeling my children's clothing.

A huge thank you to Stuck on You, the place for the coolest kids labels and gifts, for helping me get organized. Jonas' jersey pictured above? Now labeled! His soccer bag? Now tagged with a smile face and his name! Josh's baseball bag for water? Name right on the front. Boom! No more coming home with other's kids clothing, equipment or uniforms. Today we made a trip to the sports store for a new baseball helmet, soccer balls (because you know, it's so easy to forget them at practice) and a bat. As soon as I'm done typing I'm off to label and claim all this gear.

Thank you Stuck on You for keeping me organized!
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  1. It's funny how we start doing all the things we swore we would never do as parents. Some things are unavoidable and that's ok! So glad your kids love sports so much! They are lucky to have such an awesome, supportive mom!

    1. I know, parent hood will do that to you :) I agree, some things are unavoidable and I'm completely ok with that. I love that they are into sports. I think it's great they are active, I wouldn't change a thing. Thanks Nicole, you are absolutely the sweetest. xoxo

  2. Wow! What fabulous pics. Same thing happened with my son's football jumper that he saved up for. He was so excited to wear it I didn't get a chance to label it before he flew out the door. He can home with an older one with holes! Lesson learnt! :-)

  3. Yes! You are indeed a soccer mom, and a very dedicated one at that. It's really admirable of you to set aside your corporate job and put all your time to supporting and accompanying your children in everything they do, most especially their love for sports. Anyway, the story about Jonas bringing home a different jacket is hilarious. I guess something like that couldn't be helped if you're a member of a huge team. Hahaha! At least you found a way to avoid that from happening again. Labeling their uniforms and things is a really smart move. Thanks for sharing that!

    Jennine Stalder @ UE Sports


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