02 June 2014

finding magic. just pretend kids

She found magic buried on the forest floor, under the winter remains and spring vines.
She found it tucked beneath the lilies of the valley and spreading ivy.
She found it rooted and intertwined with the ground.
It was her natural instinct to pick it up, clasp it in her small hands and hold it close.
She knew, she knew this gift was special.
When she finally released her grip, each tiny finger unfolding one at a time, her innocence was revealed.

Her magic was play.
The ability to travel new lands,
to escape to castles built in quiet forests.
To twist and twirl under a canopy of stars,
to become the summer queen,
the rescued princess
the hero of the enchanted woods.

This gift, this gift of magic, she held close to her heart.

jess woods
We pretend and we play. We embrace every moment of our youth. I encourage this magical gift and hope my children will never ever loose it. I still catch my almost seven year old acting out stories that I will never understand, but in his mind he is there. He is the hero, or sometimes the villain, who prances around his room, boldly jumping on beds and protecting his kingdom.

Just Pretend Kids is a brand of costumes, tutus and play accessories that inspire children to play, dream, learn and "Just Pretend." A message and philosophy we believe in and fully embrace.

When Jessica stepped into the Annie Purple Tutu she became the fairy queen, ruler of the enchanted forest and purple flowers. Her mind carried her away to a magical land of towering ferns, butterflies and castles.

I encourage you to play this summer, pretend and become lost in imagination!

You can see more of what Just Pretend Kids has to offer here.
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*This post is in partnership with Just Pretend Kids


  1. These photos are beautiful! She is just gorgeous and you can see her magical little spirit through these! Has she made a fairy house? I'm not going to lie, they look adorable. Make me wish I had a little girl so I had an excuse to make one in the backyard! :) Hope you guys had a great weekend!

    1. Thanks Nicole! We haven't made a fairy house yet, but we just talked about doing it. We've vacationed at a spot in Maine where all the houses are surround by woods and the woods are filled with fairy houses. It's so magical! We're definitely adding one (or two, or three) in our woods :)


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