30 July 2014


It's official, July is almost over and August is right around the corner. I'm a bit in denial, but I'll try my best to pick up and keep this summer moving along. I have my checklist, and I have to admit, it's pretty long! But we are determined to get through each activity to officially complete our summer. We've conquered the ocean, the zoo, the blueberry patches and now we can check off the lake.

When I took the kids to the lake for a day I felt like I fell down a rabbit hole back to my childhood. This is where I grew up. This is where so many of my memories are buried. If you look hard enough you may even be able to see my parent's house on the other side of the lake. And my best friend? She lived a street over, a three-and-a-half minute bike ride to be exact. Two minutes if I cut through the woods and the neighbor's lawn.

I can remember friends picking me up on the dock, our backpacks filled with towels and treats, to head over to "the beach" for the day. I haven't been back to the beach in years. So many years that I forget what it looked like, I forgot the smell of the lake, the feel of the cold sand that was brought in each year and the tiny snack stand where I had my daily slushy.

I forgot that summer could feel so free when you are a child.

As adults, we know how summer feels. We know how those vacations and trips to the zoo can quickly turn into a stress filled event. We know that school lingers at the end of summer and it has taken on a whole new meaning as a parent. Going back to the lake for a day made me realize just how free summer can and should be. While we played in the sand and tossed the football around, Jon called us to see what we were doing for the day, and I simply told him,
"Enjoying summer."

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