08 July 2014

stillness of summer


There comes a time when summer settles like when a warm evening spent with friends settles on the front porch. Or a late family barbeque that settles into the back yard, lingering on well into the night. It becomes comfortable and well-worn, but in the good kind of way.

We’ve reached that point in summer. We are comfortable and we are settled. Our days tend to become lazier and lazier and we happily embrace these moments. I’ve forgotten about the early alarms and the rushing about to make this or make that. I’ve tucked those alarms into the corners of drawers and have slowly taken a deep breath. As I exhaled I caught a moment, a sheer moment of the stillness of summer. Of her calm winds and hot sticky air, the silent breeze that catches in trees, pale blue clouds and endless scents.

And in this moment, I found peace in the stillness of summer.
I found my home and I found my heart.

And while I found my peace and my sense of home, Jessica found joy in wearing her blue Elsa dress! She now asks daily to wear her "Frozen" dress and have her hair in braids. It melts my heart to see her excitement, her joy and her innocence. If only we could keep those qualities for life!

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Speaking of stillness, I know things have been quiet around here. We're back from vacation and I can't wait to share the photos and more. They are all coming soon, but you can sneak a peak over on my Instagram.

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  1. the third b&w shot of her is absolutely gorgeous!!! your vacation looked wonderful and i can't wait to see it on here. hope you are settling back well


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