23 August 2014



It seems that August is quickly slipping by and before we know it September will be upon us. I sat down last night to figure out our fall calendar and I didn't know whether to cry or go fix myself a drink. Between all three kids and our schedules we have something every single day. And our weekends? They are booked until November. When did life become so busy? When did life become full of schedules and calendars, uniforms and projects, ballet shoes and piano books? Sometimes I think all the mothers out there deserve an award just for keeping everything straight. Or at least attempting to keep it straight, but let's be honest, who's really that organized?

This weekend was no different, but somehow, we're finding time to embrace these last days of August. We're getting in a couple more trips to the pool and trading our late nights for early reading sessions in bed. If only I could figure out how to get in bed for my own early reading session!

Sharing a few Good Reads:

I am thrilled to announce that Babiekins Print Issue 4 is now available!
Check your local Target stores, Barnes & Noble, Books a Million or online here.
Babiekins Digital Print Issue 14 is now available here.
Cordella Magazine Issue One: Old Growth is now available online. I am honored to have a poem, "The Desert," published in this issue.

I finally finished The Goldfinch.
(I remember when I used to breeze through a book every week. I miss those days.)
While this isn't a read, I am thrilled that The Killing is now available on Netflix.
If you are into Scandinavian crime fiction I recommend Lars Kepler, Henning Mankell and Jo Nesbo.
I just started The Bat, Jo Nesbo and am already hooked.

Good Reads for the littles:

The boys and I just started to read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Even though they are self readers, I firmly believe in reading aloud together even as they become more independent.
We just discovered National Geographic Kids website and we are in love.
Jessica insists on reading The Bunny Book nightly. We're big fans of Richard Scarry.

*You can see more of my photos with the boys above over on Babiekins Magazine Blog in a post featuring Tom & Teddy swimwear.

Enjoy your weekend and happy reading.

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