13 November 2014

Belated Birthdays and Autumn Days

Babiekins Magazine | Winter Party
Babiekins Magazine | Winter Party
Babiekins Magazine | Winter Party
"What is that sound?" you say. Why, that is the sound of silence, the sound of subtle winds blowing across autumn trees, the sound of soft snow falling outside my window as I write and the sound of stillness found here with this space. That is the sound of life being turned upside down and tossed around. If you follow me here or on Instagram, then you probably know our life has become overwhelmingly busy these days.

Life may be busy and full of surprises, but we certainly didn't forget the celebrations. I still can't believe that Jessica is four; a four year old going on twelve. There are days that I feel we have skipped the toddler stage and moved right into the little girl stage. We always wish for time to stand still, and at this point in my life I'd give anything for time to stand still.

"Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind."
Nathaniel Hawthorne

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