26 March 2015

An Afternoon In Cleveland

These days we're finding ourselves heading up to Cleveland on a regular basis. Unfortunatley, it's always to visit the Cleveland Clinic for doctor appointments or tests, which doesn't make for very much fun. Cleveland is one of those cities that I took for granted when I was younger. I never considered moving there after college because I was blinded by the notion of "moving to the big city" once I landed that dream job to get me there. Well, I never landed that dream job and my move consisted of moving into an apartment two miles away from my parents house. BUT I did meet my future husband and I eventually got a great job. And I'd have to say my three amazing kids are proof that it's a win-win situation.

Over the years, Cleveland has quickly become a favorite city for us to sneak away to for good food, live music and a night on the town. Back in February we were scheduled yet again for another day up at the Clinic. It just so happened that it turned out to be a snow day. Rather than scramble for sitter coverage we decided to make an advetnure out of it and take the whole family. The great thing about living close to a big city is you don't have to cram everything into one day. On this particular day, we took our time heading up there. We spent a couple hours at The Greater Cleveland Aquarium and finished up with a quick lunch at Ohio City Burrito just before we had to head to our appointment.

If you have an afternoon to spare I definitely recommend heading to the aquarium and spending some time in Ohio City!

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