01 May 2015

How to Make Simple Lavender Essential Oil Bath Salts

After a crazy long week we are jumping for joy over here that it's the weekend. We had a serious case of the flu traveling around our home and I think we finally shooed it out the door for good. I'll gladly spend this friday night tucked inside our home, snuggling with the kids, catching up on laundry and cleaning. Although, I am secretly counting down the minutes until bedtime so I can turn down the lights, grab my new book and soak the long week away in a nice hot bath filled with salts and lavender.

Since the days of college I have enjoyed using essential oils, but I admit that phase quickly washed away. Since this fall, however, I have turned to many different avenues to heal our son and essential oils has been one of them. I mostly use them in a diffuser, in our baths and for cleaning products. I have used them for tummy aches, headaches and muscle pain and hope to share more of these remedies with you.

At this point, I am using a mix of different brands, but I hope to settle with one brand in particular here soon. I admit, I'm torn between Young Living and doTERRA. Any suggestions??

/ Simple Lavender Essential Oil Bath Salts /

1 mason jar with lid
Enough epson salt or Dead Sea bath salt to fill the jar
15 drops of lavender essential oil

Add the salt to a large mixing bowl. Add the drops of oil and mix thoroughly. Store in an airtight mason jar.

Enjoy in a warm bath!


  1. I make these too - it's crazy how relaxing such a simple recipe can be!

    1. yes! exactly. It's become my friday night ritual :)

  2. I've been a rep with doTerra for a year and chose them since my friends were reps and I was more familiar with their brand and blends. However, I believe YL is great too. Good luck with your decision!

    1. They both sound like reputable companies. Now, just to decide!

  3. To his awesome amazement, he in a flash felt alleviated and diminished. His consume recuperated significantly more rapidly than it would have something else. He understood that his hand was relieved subsequently of the lavender oil. thracianoils.com/lavender-oil/


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