18 September 2015

Simple Back-To-School Hair Styles

Now that we are officially in our back-to-school routine, I am trying to keep our mornings organized and calm. Starting the night before at bedtime we set out our uniforms and clothes for the next day, pack our backpacks, check our homework and, in rare cases, prep or make breakfast. Starting the morning off organized usually keeps us on track and on time.

Now that the little lady is off to school too, we have to spend a few more minutes getting ready and doing hair. I have turned to a few simple hairstyles that I rotate throughout the week. While it's so easy to rush out the door with her long locks hanging in her face, I make a daily effort to get it out of her face so she isn't fussing with it all day long. Try these simple styles, add a bow or headband and you're set for the day!

ONE | Brush dry hair, using a curling iron or wand make large ringlets all over. Run fingers through hair and add a bow or headband. You can put the curls in at bedtime and run fingers through in the morning to save on time.

TWO | Brush dry hair back towards the crown of the head, add a headband, gently tease the crown to add volume and definition.

THREE | Start with a side part, twist or roll hair over to the opposite side and secure with a ponytail holder. Take the side pony tail, twist it and then wrap it around into a bun. Secure with bobby pins. Add a bow.

FOUR | This is very similar to three but with a braid. Start with a side part (I part it more to the side than usual for this style) and french braid it along the side of the head. Keep the braid going over the back of the head and end at the opposite ear. Secure hair with a ponytail holder, twist the pony tail and wrap into a bun. Secure with bobby pins. Add a bow or headband as an accent.

*This post is in partnership with Little Kate Designs. With their wide selection of bows you are bound to find something for every outfit. Each style is unique and made of quality material, including 100% leather. Head on over to their etsy shop to view all styles and make sure to check them out on Instagram here.

14 September 2015

Kickn Crohns Over On Instagram

Things have been a little quiet around here, which means that life is full and busy. We've settled into our fall routine, and surprisingly, it's a bit slower than I expected. We decided to hold off on a couple activities this year so we wouldn't have to rush around as much. And, I'll be honest, with Jonas getting sick last fall our life was quickly turned upside down for several months. I've learned that I need to be prepared and one step ahead of what could happen.

This summer was good, really good. We were happy and healthy, we were carefree and active. So imagine the surprise we went through when some elevated test results came back the first week of school showing inflammation in the small intestine. And just like that, bam, the feelings of stress and fear rolled in like harsh winter waves on a rocky beach. It is difficult to express how a mother or father feels when their child is sick. It is difficult to put into words the weight you carry around daily.

At this point we were symptom free, but with autoimmune diseases life can change over night. Just as quickly as his test results, he suddenly started having stomach pains. Thankfully, they only lasted one week. As soon as we saw those test results I knew it was time to go back to a strict lifestyle of clean eating. Like I said, this summer was good. So good that I started to turn a blind eye and let him eat foods that he and I both knew he shouldn't. But he had no symptoms, no typical IBD indications, no stomach pains, nothing. So what caused this inflammation? Was it the foods I allowed him to eat? Was it the stress of starting school? I'm not sure we'll ever know, but we do have an MRI scheduled for this week and would love all the prayers and positive thoughts that you can offer. In the past all his MRI's have been good so I hope this one is no different.

Now that we are back on the strict diet of clean eating and SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet) I thought I would open up a bit more and share this journey over on a new Instagram account. You can follow along here for updates on our son, what we eat, recipes and more.