30 October 2015

Good Reads

And just like that, another week flies by with the blink of an eye. We've been as busy as can be over here wrapping up the end of our soccer season, trying to stay healthy and preparing for Halloween. Since Jonas can't have any of the treats, I've been spending all my spare time in the kitchen loading up on goodies that he can have. Regardless of our dietary requirements and the stress the holidays can bring, we're looking forward to a weekend of fun and relaxation.

Here are some good reads to start off your weekend:

1. Could food additives play a role in the makeup of our gut and chronic diseases such as IBD? This is a huge step in the right direction.

2. If only more people had this outlook on life. We all have problems, we all have stress, but I would rather happily be wrapped around life than wrapped around my problems.

3. My husband came across this article and I love the message, what the journey of sports should teach your children.

4. I'm thinking of making a batch of Fire Cider, a cold and flu remedy.

5. I love this video. I may have had a slight obsession with The Doors when I was in high school and the early college years. Actually, I think I still do…

6. Why study piano?

Photo from our summer vacation. I finally finished going through all 500 of them and will share a few here shortly.


  1. I loved the Doors in college also (in late 80's) and still do. I shield my kids from horrible music by staying tuned into Classic Vinyl on XM. My youngest son is a huge Skynyrd fan. "Son, are you a Doors fan yet?" Nope! But he's 9, so there's still hope.

    1. There's definitely still hope :) We keep our kids sheltered too and listen to only good 'ole classic rock…on vinyl of course!

      Great article you wrote. My husband actually came across that and it sends a strong, powerful message. Our boys play soccer at the club/traveling level and it hit home for us. Thanks for sharing.


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