11 August 2016

Taking Time

Images by Mallory + Justin Photography

After months of silence I finally felt the urge to resurface. It's odd that blogging and staying active on social media was once such a staple of my life and now it's the last thing on my mind. Don't get me wrong, there are some aspects I miss: the creative writing, the deadlines, endless cups of coffee while editing and re-writing, staying up late, feeling a sense of independence and significance and of course, having opportunities fall into my inbox.

But my main focus in life is larger; it is greater than opportunities for myself, it is greater than feelings of significance and accomplishment that grow from my creativity. My main focus in life is raising my family. It is staying home, not to write that article or make that deadline, but to simply be present in my children's lives. Be present for now, because one day I won't have the chance to be present. One day they will be gone and the house will be silent and I'll have all the time in the world to embrace my creativity, write my heart out and make those deadlines.

So for now, I write when time allows.

So what exactly, besides parenting in general, has kept me away and so busy? These days we've been busy keeping Jonas healthy with good food, we've been over-consumed with soccer, school and the hectic life as an active family who seems to always be on the go. We've embraced summer to the fullest and are holding on tightly to these last couple weeks. Oh, and we added a new member to the family! A little yellow lab named Piper.

These days I practically live in the kitchen. If I'm not cooking meals or snacks I'm prepping them or cleaning up from them. Since deciding to treat Jonas' Crohn's Disease with food our lifestyle has changed dramatically. Yes it can be hectic and stressful but the results are beyond rewarding. In the spring we had a follow-up appointment at the Cleveland Clinic and all his labs are normal - in fact, I think it is safe to say that he is in remission! After a year and a half of ups and downs we have finally reached a path of health. Fingers crossed this healthy lifestyle continues; back-to-school is a notorious time for flare ups, as we experienced last year. Next week we have blood work and the following week our appointment and all I can think about is what those tests results will reveal. Hopefully his hard work and dedication continues to pay off.

It's nice to be back and feel the urge to write and share!


  1. I'm so glad Jonas is doing so well! Noah's labs have been coming back amazing, too. It's so good to be on this side of things if we have to be on any side of the Crohn's life, I guess! We are settling in and it amazes me how much I could write about our life and how LITTLE desire I have to share it with anyone but ourselves. Wishing we lived close again so I could come hang in your kitchen with you!


    1. Yay for Noah! I think about you guys all the time. I think I finally accepted the diagnosis and I am so glad we are both in a good position right now. I still think we are on the cutting edge of knowledge and sciene when it comes to IBD and hope we'll see a cure or a path towards a cure in our lifetime. Taking a break from the online world was just what I needed, especially after Jonas got sick. I don't know, things seemed so trivial and I had no desire to post, read other posts or share our life. I'm not sure how I'll proceed and how much I'll share any more. I definitely like to keep most of our memories to ourselves :) I wish we lived closer too! Maybe one day we'll make it out there.


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