16 November 2016

Organizing with Kidecals


In my past life (you know- life before kids) I was actually very organized. And always on time. But now I seem to struggle with both on a daily basis. Between chauffeuring my children all about town and stepping into the role of a personal chef for my son, I can't seem to figure out the fine balance. I was convinced I would have all the time in the world when my three kids started school this past fall, but that was a giant misconception.

When Kidecals reached out to me about sampling their labels I knew this could be my opportunity to finally get organized. Between soccer bags, multiple uniforms, tennis rackets, ballet leotards, school binders and books, basketball shoes, golf clubs and lunch boxes we are always leaving something behind or misplacing our belongings. Labeling our items is key!

Luckily, Kidecals makes awesome labels that are practical and stylish and all of their waterproof name labels are dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer safe! And let's be honest, it's not just kids that have a tendency to lose stuff. Their thin labels are perfect for labeling car keys, cell phones (and chargers), sunglasses, and iPads; ideal for us busy moms who always seem to misplace something.

They also have: chalkboard labels (hello pantry organization), allergy alert labels (this would be great for awareness with SCD and Paleo diets), luggage tags, keyboard stickers (stocking stuffer), gift labels and canning labels.

is proud to be a mom founded, owned and operated company.
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This post is in partnership with Kidecals.

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